In the year 2025..

As I think about what education will look like in the year 2025, I can’t help but think of the children whom will be graduating in the year 2025. Currently, they are approximately 4 years old. My niece is almost three. She will be in high school then. Already she steals my sister’s iPhone for hours on end doing apps, looking through pictures, and answering the phone for her. What will her classrooms look like in high school?!?

A concept came to my mind that has been restated over and over to us educators.. a classroom without walls. Technology in 2025 is going to make it even easier to be unrestricted. However, the hardest thing is going to be newly educated teachers entering the field and adapting to the new way of instructing. However, will we even be needed to instruct? I don’t think so. The title of teacher will be gone. It will now be educational guidance.

Books will be obsolete. Paper and pens will be obsolete. Everything will be done on a handheld device, say the 10th generation iPad. The issue I have is that currently not all students across the nation have internet access in their home. Free internet access is going to have to be provided by the United States in order to stay in competition with other countries.

The biggest issue with curriculum in the future is going to be copyright. Sure, there are e-books available, but creating a course that doesn’t have a textbook restriction is going to be the route educators take.

While technology continues to develop and help connect us around the world, there is still one issue: keeping education developing as fast as the developing technology. SMART Boards have been around for years, yet there are thousands of classrooms around the country that still use textbooks printed in the late 90’s. However, those of us who have a SMART Board in the classroom know how engaging it can be for instruction.

Pondering about the Rethinking Education article, there are several ideas to keep in mind when looking into the future of education:

1. Technology allows for customization and interaction in a classroom.

2. As technology is integrated we need to keep in mind equity, citizenship and social cohesion, diversity, and broader horizons.

3. The gains of technology in the classroom would be engagement, less competition and more collaboration, customization, digital citizenship and responsibility, as well as less peer culture.

Keeping these in mind, education in 2025 is, I feel, still going to be playing catch-up with technology… unfortunately.

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2 Responses to In the year 2025..

  1. Isn’t that the frustrating part? Having technology that can change the world, but not being able to keep up with it, implement it, afford it, appreciate it? I’ve already stated earlier that I am one of the guilty ones I think – and I LOVE technology. However, I know that I could use it much more affectively if I’d be willing to put in a little more work, do some more restructuring.
    Even so – as we start visioning the future of education – it’s exciting to me! The possibilities – the freedom of movement and thought – and my favorite – the possibilities for creativity!
    Nice post – nice vision!

  2. chatlos says:

    What you said about teaching become educational guidance was interesting to me. At our school (and many other Montessori schools), each classroom is led by a guide. We aren’t referred to as teachers. In point of fact- many things about 21st century learning ring true for Montessori, just not the technology part so much. 😉
    Like you, being around my own and my family’s young children makes me wonder how education really will change for them. Given that I’ve got over 30 years more to work, I wonder what’s in store for me, too…

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