What do I foresee?

Hello, everyone! My name is Lindsey Storm, and I am currently an eighth grade grammar and 6-8 technology teacher at St. Anthony Grade School in Effingham, Illinois. I am also the part-time software coordinator for St. Anthony Grade School and St. Anthony High School in Effingham.

I would have to say that it is weird teaching at the same school that I attended. Even my principal is still at the helm! My classroom is right next door to my first grade teacher. Crazy!

I love my schedule. It gives me quite the variety each day. I teach three classes in the morning and the rest of the time I create professional development, update software and the schools’ Web site, and provide on-site technology troubleshooting. Each day brings something new!

This is my 6th class of the CTER program at UIUC. I am really excited about this class and the discussions and readings that have already taken place. Even though I have learned so much in the program, I am looking forward to earning my master’s degree!

Outside of school and grad school, I devote my time to my husband Adam and our 7 month old son, Connor. I also wake up each morning sharing a pillow with our 50 lb. pup, Wrigley.

My greatest hope for technology in education would be a seamless transition from home to school. Education and learning shouldn’t stop at 3 PM.

My greatest fear for technology in education would be no financial support to continue to integration of technology and education as other countries continue to surpass the United States educationally.

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