Did A Little Bird Tell You?

I chose to create a Little Bird Tale about adjectives since I teach English. This site allows for students to draw and upload pictures, record their voices, and share their tales with others. It is simple to use, however, I did find a drawback. If finding Creative Commons pictures, there is a certain size the picture much be in order for it to up load. 600 X 420 is the size. I had some troubles finding pictures that would fit the size, unless I resized them ahead of time.

cover image


As far as learning spaces are concerned and Little Bird Tales, this program could easily support blended learning. It combines technology, writing, and the content that you choose to use with it, such as science.

I am currently working with a fourth grade teacher to incorporate Little Bird Tales into her plans. Students are learning about rocks and writing stories about them. They are then going to use Little Bird Tales to compose their stories, instead of using the construction paper and marker method. Collaboration? Definitely!

Little bird tales is also accessible at home. The use of this technology can extend beyond the classroom. After all, isn’t that our goal as teachers? As education evolves, we need to work together as educators to create our environment around inquiry and to solve these problems together by sharing our knowledge with audiences. We can do this through technology!

Other technologies such as dimdim, Jing, and sliderocket provide collaborative tools for a “classroom without walls” idea. dim dim is a video conferencing tool, sliderocket is an online presentation tool, and Jing is a screen capture tool. I have used Jing in the past to eliminate technology questions by providing brief, professional development to answer simple tech questions, such as how to attach a file to an e-mail.

Global collaboration with these tools breaks down the walls in education and creates new learning spaces, either within the same room or collaboration throughout the world.

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