I recently started to use my Twitter account. I started one two years ago but never understood how networked I could get. My friends don’t do it, there really wasn’t a reason for me to.

Now that I have a phone with Internet, I realized how many connections I could make, even with people I had never met. These relationships I have made with new moms have been invaluable.

In addition to them, I have also found many resources for teaching. One that I really love, @TeacherLingo, is an “Educational community of teacher blogs, message boards, lesson plans and other teaching resources.” They tweet links to blogs, boards, etc. It is such a great profile to follow that sends me many resources for me to check out without me having to use much of my time having to find them.

This morning’s tweet is about PhotoCollect, a site where multiple people can upload photos to one place. You can find out more about PhotoCollect here.

Oh, and give @TeacherLingo a follow… it is worth it!

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One Response to @TeacherLingo

  1. Ahhh, so you are a *very* recent Twitter goer! : )

    You make a good argument about phone usage coinciding with internet and social networking. How often are you using it now? Do you ever worry about it becoming a replacement for communication? (just playing Devil’s Advocate here)

    Thank you for the tip about PhotoCollect; it looks almost like a dropbox or wiki strictly for photos, and makes it easier (and perhaps a little more safe) for students or younger kids to upload photos, without going through Facebook to do so.

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