Are iPads Good for Kids?

As I have been researching our attempt to entertain our toddler on a 12 hour road trip to the beach this summer, along with a separate trip to North Carolina on an airplane (with a connecting flight), I continue to feel that the iPad is going to be the best portable device for to keep us from having that child on the plane that passengers would love to see be on the gvernment no-fly list.

I then remembered a television segment I saw on TV that talked about the enhanced Nook with apps and Web service. Trying to save money wherever I can, I remembered that a refurbished Nook was on Woot! hoping I could still snag the deal.

I can across this blog post written by Woot staff asking if iPads were good for kids or are we doing this a disservice? It got me to think about our purchase a little more and if we were finding the best route to occupy our child during our trips. The comments also make me to continue to think about iPads and how they can be great for children’s use, especially if they have disabilities, as it can open up new worlds for them.

So, as I continue my quest for the best technology to keep a toddler happy, what are you thoughts about the underlying question.. virtual learning versus real-world learning for kids as young as 1?

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