The Best Laid Plans..

I was excited. I had some great plans for my eighth grade English class next year. These included a blog for assignments that would allow students to practice their writing and become reporters of current events, school functions, etc. I was mapping out my Moodle. I was continuing to be an innovator for educators in my building.

Those all came crashing down when my schedule for next year was placed on my desk. My familiar schedule has been uprooted. My plans are now on hold. Where I once was planning for two different classes, I now have 5, with three of those being new curriculum to me.

How am I supposed to juggle 5 classes to prep for along with being the tech person in our building? Maintain the Web site? Professionally develop teachers?

I know the mantra for teachers these days is “do more with less”, but how am I expected to do more work with less time? less pay?

For some reason, this change is hard for me to understand right now.

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